Wet Vest Tribulations of the Vulgar Sky Men Fixated with Smelling the Gloves of a Champion Horse Rider

by Subs(cribers)

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released April 5, 2013

Markylooloo + Mika De Oliveira = Subs(cribers)



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Track Name: Fireball
Is your moment now complete.
Beaten and brazen and damp right sensation.
Battles won with a chocolate sword.
Stood on nothing feeling victorious.

I hope one day I'll go out like a fireball
I know one day we'll all burn with fireballs
I've seen one day we'll all drop like fireballs
I knew one day you'd go out like a fireball...
Track Name: Intense Hand Holding
I hope you never leave again. Throw a five my way.
I hope you will return some day. Throw a five my way.

I hope you never pass me by and give your five away.
We want you to drop off the world and die throw a five my way.
I hope a lump of poo lands in your eye throw a five my way.
I hope hope a wasp stings you on the thigh throw a five my way.
Track Name: Magic Sword Killing Spree
Skipping along with my magic sword.
Gutting the living from belly to throat.
Maiming the innocent with my tragic sword.
Playing with the animals with my magic sword.

Burn down the citadel, now...

No special treatment for those that heed.
I'll even destroy your armoured steed.
One way or the other I'll reach the top.
Hacking and chopping the meaty lot.

Burn down the citadel, now!!!!
Track Name: Fast and Farcical
I think, you're the cutest girl in the world I won't let you go.
I think, you're the cutest boy in the world I won't suck you off.

All those layers of deceiving emotional thieving.
Bakers 12 thespians 2.
Acting like you don't give a poo.
Inside I know you would not make it through.
Track Name: Sweaty War Pants
Planet size cotton girth.
What started so well ended in hell.
Slack on the waist put on in haste.
Ready for war amongst you all.

I'll save a whale in my sweaty war pants.
Delve deep inside.
Swinging by my sweaty war pants.
Don't delve too deep inside.

Expose the meat command the fleet.
Plenty of room for elephants feet.
Built to last that's why so vast.
Seven empty caskets wide.

Delve deep inside.
Don't delve too deep inside...